About us

Pro-Genius ltd. was founded in 1991 with Hungarian individuals as owners. Until 1994 the Pécs-based High Computer ltd. had determinative ownership making the company successful not only in the county but outside of it too. One of our company's area of activity is the distribution of software and hardware based on these experiences too besides creating network systems and providing system administration. Since 1998 we are selling the integrated marketing system named Septowin in three counties and are assisting in its utilisation according to the contract made with the developer company.

Our company is also the founder of the Katedra Highschool that has been operating since 1998.

Analyzing the national possibilities and needs of counseling and training we found gaps. This, mixed with our work experiences motivated us to create the Hungarian Workforce Development Internal Training and suit it in an advisory system.

These pursuits had a great effect on the development of the IT business too, which lead to the solely Hungarian developed Septowin system with its promising uprise and good performance.